August 23, 2010

Poking around artstream

wall of animal portraits by Amy Ruppel
some new Lisa Congdon!
a wall of Tim Wirth
looking in
beautiful Kim Westad in the window

untitled by Tim Wirth
Happy Monday all! It's a perfect time of year for me here at artstream. Gearing up for my 18th year of classes, setting up our lower level at artstream for some big surprises later this year and dusting off the dry summer air in our gallery. The doors are open with the soft rain falling - so it makes for a perfect day to gather thoughts for autumn. Our gallery hasn't looked more wonderful in a while, so take a peek here with me!

1 comment:

susanna said...

I wish I could visit you in your gallery in person, Susan. How wonderful, to be surrounded by so many wonderful works of art.