July 07, 2010

The long weekend

Hello dear friends. Sorry I have been away. It was a long weekend. Of the good kind. The kind which took me into the depths of the hottest humidity I can stand, making me purchase a mojito muddler and back again. Truly draining hot weather. Which brought me to the "lower level" of our house only to sort boxes and find some family treasures. My dearest great Aunt Florence (on the left) as a young woman with a friend and her baby. She was so beautiful and elegant and even as I imagine in the heat of the summer, in all those turn of the century clothes - collected. I had to share this as it was just so touching to me. Keep cool people. It's almost vacation on the Cape time!

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Anna-Marie Still said...

I know what you mean about the heat! Yowza! Heat index here in RI on Tues was 124!!! CRAYZEEE!
Love this old pic you found, amazing how old pics seem to capture so much more...