June 23, 2010

Patchwork pattern maker

Whoa! Sometimes something so great comes along that you just have to spend a little too much time fooling around with it. Such is the great find via Whipup - The Patchwork Pattern Maker
It's a tool which I might just have to use to make my second quilt for daughter Chloe later this summer. She wants a black and white quilt with one spot of color - so maybe I will just have her zip me up a drawing for the pattern maker to create! Or maybe I will use the above pattern I just made using one of my photoshopped photographs ... hmm, that might be a bit much! Anyway, this tool is simply too much fun - try it!


susanna said...

Cool! I haven't been to Whipup in a while...you just sent me there a moment ago, thank you... What a hip and stylish idea!

PS: I think your royal is on her way to see me. Two more stops, including mine, until she is home!

VS said...

Whoa... that's cool!
So glad I found your blog, it's lovely!
I can't wait to follow along with you through life's GREAT adventures.