June 14, 2010

About last week ... what a time it was!

Broken bones and sweet 16 parties on the heels of a public art exhibition launch and a gallery show both for me and for artstream. Hello Monday! How did you take so long to get here?
My mom broke her shoulder in two places last week, just in time for daughter Chloe's 16th birthday bash and an opening of my work over at Lucy's Art Emporium. phew. Exhausted ? You bet!

But mom is on the mend and Chloe's party was a smash hit, she was so happy about it and her friends had a great time too. So what's to complain about? Not much! Looking forward to getting back to normal this week and flex some art skills around the studio. Peeks into new work coming out of the kiln by Megan Bogonovich, scenes from tonight's upcoming end of the year student art show and much more. Stay tuned and happy Monday!

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