May 27, 2010

Megan Bogonovich:and the auction chairs

yoko with the new fabric on the chairs ...
A month back we had a chance to take Ms. Amy Ruppel and Ms. Lisa Congdon to one of our favorite haunts - "the auction". We picked up Megan on the way and were ready for some fun. Over in Concord there is an antiques auction every Thursday night. It's fun, harrowing and hard to resist. Some how I was the big winner that night with four chairs, another single chair, two japanese woodblock prints and something else which I have forgotten about apparently. I realized I really didn't need these four chairs and yet, they were lovely and perfect, except for the fabric so, I gave them to Megan. Here is what she has done with them and I just love it! More photos later with my special chair.

1 comment:

Julissa Mora said...

I like the simplicity of the chair. And that floral print gives it such a nice complement. Love :)