April 13, 2010

Lisa Congdon - Humpback Whale

I have to single out this beautiful painting today as not only is it in the front window of our gallery, but in the forefront of my mind as well. I think the deep dark color of the background really highlight the fantastic rendering of the whale and give it a lot of emotion as well. It is just my favorite in the show I guess. Oh you like it too? It's available here!
While Lisa was here we did a little podcast and if I can manage to finish the editing - I hope to load it up here before we go to NYC on Friday!


red-handed said...

That black really helps it float ... deep floating.

Swampgirl said...

Love it!
You're coming to NYC??!! Would love to see you!

Susan Schwake said...

moe! would LOVE that -- email me!

Nabil said...

Wow, this is something else. I'm sure in person it's even more vibrant. I'd love to know the size of the painting!?