March 15, 2010


Alena Hennessy
Amy Rice

Oh it's springtime in New England with rain rain rain. I feel lucky today that we did not lose power as so many did. My heart goes out to them. Without power and without a sumppump many a basement is swimming pool like at this point. The rivers are swollen and the little creeks are now rushing streams. Many roads are suffering too. But the optimistic piece is that SPRING is coming along! Yay! with a capital Y! It's full of promise. I promise!

The gallery is looking quite springlike as well with Amy Rice, Molly Bosley and Alena Hennessy's work cheering up the grey exterior we are experiencing! Much happiness with this too was seen on Saturday night while the skies were spitting ice at us. The reception was quite a success and lots of happy people leaving with smiles on their faces after their purchases. There is plenty of goodness left though so check out the shop for some really affordable and wonderful pieces. Too much fun to pass up - and with Easter and Mother's day right around the corner, these are great gifting pieces as well.

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