March 23, 2010


work by Alabama Chanin in our gallery last summer.
So many projects come at the same time in Spring. Garden work ( we hacked down a lot of hideously overgrowness in the back garden this weekend) house work, (spring cleaning inside and out as well as the prospect of siding our home AND finishing off the kitchen once and for all!), web overhaul (been ongoing for longer than I care to think about, but the end is near!) clients, artists, end of the year exhibition and my own personal exhibitions and eeps! an award, (hey go vote for me here).
Yes, busy and happy -- but not too busy to look around to find some really interesting projects out there. I came across an interview with Natalie Chanin who's work I adore - and the contest that Burda Style held. The winner was interviewed with her about her reverse applique work and she was none other than Gina Sekelsky. Which brought me to the page about her once a year journal/scrapbook. I love this idea. It makes so much sense to me as well as tidying up one's life of sketchbooks into one neat personal page. I like this very very much. Check it out and peek in on what Natalie is doing. It's always interesting and beautiful.

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