March 11, 2010

a little bragging ...

Daughter Chloe is already quite an accomplished artist. She has been selling her work for about a year now and is breaking into illustration. Currently she is working in fabric (learning to sew from a friend who is a real creative master), clay (working with Megan Bogonovich) and taking two art classes at school which she loves with fantastic teachers. She's a busy 15 yr old! The above little illustrations are samples of what she is cooking up for some handmade cards she is going to release later this spring. They were inspired by our dear neighbors who are expecting in July. I am pretty excited about her work! Bragging time over - thanks for indulging me!


lisa solomon said...

brag away!!!

[and love the chronicle book journal from last post]

Susan Schwake said...

thanks lisa!!!! ;)
oh that book is something, isn't it?