February 02, 2010

All about Chocolat!

By now if you have been reading along here, you know that one of my daughters is living in France. Ooooh la la! She is studying in Rennes and literally killing us with the delish photos of food she is consuming on a daily basis. Her first day there she was a little sad and missed us all, so she consoled herself with her friends and duck for lunch. SIGH. But the above photo has been on my mind since I saw it at her new little blog which acts as her memoirs of the experience. Macadamia nut hot chocolate with a side of fudgy chocolate cake and whipped creme! Manifique! It was so rich apparently that they had so serve it with a little side of water. I guess life is "sweet" in France!

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Grace said...

macadamia nut hot chocolate!!!