January 09, 2010

Life in the fast lane

on the rocks one of my monotypes i am working on a set of these
Saturdays come and go too quickly sometimes and well, it is always a bit of a rush here at home. ... during the season of boarding, basketball, full swing art classes and changing gallery shows. But somehow Rainer and I were able to sneak away tonight for a little fun. We thought we were heading to Pepperland for some delightful drinks and dinner and maybe a show at Elysium Folk Club, but it all got switched around when we landed on the doorstep of Pepperland only to find that they were out on vacation until Monday. Sigh! What to do? Where to go? We were curious about a new place called Relish - that we drove by but then somehow ended up in Dover having an Indian, (giving the place a second chance after two strikes) and it was good, then meandered around ending up at the movies of all places. I needed a laugh I guess because I nearly cried from laughing so hard at It's Complicated. I admit it. I still love Steve Martin and well, just who in the world doesn't love Meryl Streep? So that was it in nutshell. A great evening after a somewhat crazy get nothing accomplished day. Tomorrow - finishing up some printmaking! Enjoy the rest of the weekend... it's flying by.


Alma Stoller said...

Hi Susan,

sounds like a lovely day.

I am so enjoying your work.


Susan Schwake said...

thanks alma! yes, it was a long overdue fun day.