December 11, 2009

Daughter Chloe's first sewing project

I promise I will get back to art - but for me, I think this is just amazingly well put together designed beautifully and almost perfect with the little orange flower she made from her own drawing.
ok, parental gush time is over... but isn't it something?
She gave it to her sister for her birthday yesterday and drew a gasp when opened!


albina said...

Awwwh, it is lovely!Creative apples don't fall far away from the creative apple tree :) Parental gush is completely justified, and what a treat of a Birthday gift for a big sister!!!

lisa solomon said...

it's so so good. gush away!

Erika Mulvenna said...

That is a great bag, she did wonderfully!

angela said...

okay. she is going to make her wishes and dreams come true and be a new and next generation of a fashion designer yet. i can see it. and more so, i can feel it.

chloe... you are amazing!

Susan Schwake said...

so nice angela from you to her -- she is down with the flu and it's been a horrible struggle this past week with all ill, and my mom at the hospital. thanks for the cheery note, more to you later... xoxo