December 10, 2009

birthday girl

birthday girl, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

My baby turns 21 today! How can that be? Heading over to visit her with a Queen of Sheba cake (per Julia) and we will have a girl's lunch. Time flies when you are happy and living life with children. Her wings have sprouted and she's flown the coop (mostly), heading to France in a month to study abroad. We couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments and how she turned out. Pretty. darn. sweet. Happy day punkie!

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angela said...

oh susan! oh grace!

i'm just spending the morning (and finally after so so so long) of just stopping a bit of time and going thru blogs to read and be inspired, to listen and to say hello...

and then i saw this piccie of grace! what a beautiful beautiful photograph of a more so beautiful beautiful woman! i darely say girl any more!

yes, i think she can be proud. and i think mommy can be damn proud too!

loves to you my dear...

loves, loves, loves.