November 09, 2009

Theme week:: Animal Art!

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? We had a fun time with the NH Open Doors event all weekend. See our flickr account for some photos - I was busy so I took some early on and didn't get as many as I would have liked. But on to our theme week 1!
For this week and next, I thought that we might mix it up a bit here. We are going to feature work each day on a theme. Today is animal day! Starting with the seafaring creatures.
First up: Mati Rose's beautiful whale and Melanie Wilson's mermaid - not exactly an animal, but beautifully aquatic!
Stay tuned for more animals throughout the day. Tomorrow? Found objects. Send me your work about found objects!
Enjoy these last days of pretty autumn with no snow on the ground -- yet!

1 comment:

Rebecca Latham said...

Ah, love aquatic themes! I am a little more partial to whales than mermaids....but nice blend of color in each.