November 13, 2009

People and Places :: Theme week

stone house uganda Alexandra Morrow

evening falls rita vindedzis

london cafe angela gwinner
People and places are our Friday picks of the Theme week. There are so many beautiful places and people to choose from it's the hardest choice of the week. Alexandra Morrow's Ugandan Stone house is so beautiful. Rita's evening skyline is soft yet urban and Angela Gwinner has a way with the black and white photograph which can melt your heart. They are full of the take you away feelings which good art can do.


Rita Vindedzis said...

OOOh, thanks for the mention. Have a great weekend Susan.

red-handed said...

Sky is so difficult to paint ... revealing my bias here, liking that sky.

This Makes My Day said...

Nice impressions, very classy images. Have a nice weekend!

(I added you to my blogroll, because your blog is great)

Anonymous said...

Great set of photos! Well done. Have a nice weekend.