October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

OK, I will admit it, I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I know i know, I should be, it's so much fun, so creative! ... blah blah blah.
For me it just means having to endure the whooshing sounds of inflateable hideous lawn decorations everywhere, as my husband pointed out and now has made it ever present in my mind that some even look like Trojans inflated, along with annoying orange and purple lights swinging from the posts and house trims everywhere, spending money on candy - a LOT of candy, (we get 300 + visitors for trick or treat) working and sewing up costumes (which alright we have looked back over the years and chuckled about a few of them for sure...) and pretty much shooting my entire evening hours of said day into just answering the door but gee, I guess I can dress up for that!
Goodness knows I can open a bottle of wine to endure it and invite a couple of friends over with witch hats to help! I wish I had seen this fabulous post at Not Martha earlier - I would have loved to whip up this handy loaf!

This year we are going to do the T or T tonight and tomorrow on the real Halloween Chloe and I are heading out early to Concord to create the community mural project at the Concord Arts Market. Then it's home again to figure out our costumes and all go to the Portsmouth Halloween Parade. It's supposed to be fun and lord knows I could stand some fun around all this hoopla, so off we go. No worries, we will take photos and share them next week. Hope that your Halloween is spooktacular!

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