September 25, 2009

Brittany Soucy :: artist interview

Brittany Soucy has agreed to share her answers to the probing questions and send some photos along to illustrate the points  ...  and here they are! Thanks so much Brittany!

 1. What is your earliest memory of art making?

The family room was busting with the every day activities of my family
and I sat by the fireplace with markers and a pile of paper.  I could
feel the energy around me, but I was completely focused.  I was drawing
face after face and the entire expression would change with one little
line in the drawing.  It was unbelievable!  

2. What is your medium of choice?

I like to dabble.  I love learning new tricks.  But I always come back
to acrylics.

3. What are your greatest inspirations for your work?

I love the simple things in life.  Sometimes I will have a moment where
I catch a glimpse of what "living" looks like and where the little joys
come from.  I have five children and I am surprised by that every day
still.  I find inspiration living in them and how they see the world
through their innocence and beauty. The loving relationship I have with
my husband can bring its own kind of inspiration. 

There is so much surrounding us trying to catch our attention, but I
like to zoom in and hyper focus on just a piece of one thing and what it
has to offer the world.

Nature is such an incredible creation and never fails to inspire me.

Food.  Mmmmm.  Something that is delicious as well as beautiful.  You
just can't go wrong there.

Beauty.  I feel like as an artist, it is my job to find beauty.  I find
it everywhere around me, even in the most unlikely places, and it is
inspiring every time.

I never had an "artist community" before I started blogging.  I find
myself constantly inspired by the creativity in others that is abounding
in the blogosphere.  It led me to Squam and I feel that by having other
artists in my life I am being inspired in a way that had never happened

4. What is playing in rotation these days while you are working?

Jonatha Brooke, Ray LaMontagne, Meiko, Ingrid Michaelson, Brandi
Carslile, Indigo Girls, Amos Lee, The Weepies, and on and on and on.

5. What is a good art making day look like for you?

If I have felt the joy that comes from creation, then it is a good day

6. Who are your favorite artists - living and dead

This is a hard question for me to answer.  I can never choose favorites.
I love whatever I am looking at that is inspiring me in the moment.
There are endless possibilities for favorites and I can't bring myself
to narrow it down. 

7. Greatest advice given to you which you would like to pass along?

Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.  -Pablo Picasso

I love this quote.  It helps me remember that unless I am in action,
this blessing of a talent that brings me joy is being wasted.  It gets
me up off the couch to spread the makings of art in front of me and then
Inspiration has an open invitation.  (and with it, joy.)
Thanks so much for taking the time to join us Brittany!
Visit Brittaey's website right here.


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i love reading artist interviews ! thanks. you continue to be an inspiration for my art journey.