June 08, 2009

The Shoes of Rochester :: walking tour

some cute little posers at my boot yesterday...
So thrilled to report that our weekend launch of two art community art projects was successful! Beautiful weather helped out I am sure! At 7 a.m. on Saturday the shoes stepped out into their locations around town to pair up with their poems which were installed on Friday. Each artist and most of the poets hung out at their respective shoes around 10 a.m. and answered questions and watched the groups of walkers stroll from location to location guided by the maps which were both in the brochures around town and the maps located alongside the poems.
It was a fun fun time to see so many people enjoying the art.
Later in the day we unveiled the 12 foot long mural which I had worked on with a group of autistic children and their families this past winter. It coincided with our monthly Art Stroll, so that was a fun bonus too!
It was a rich and fulfilling day on Saturday - and now it's just wonderful to sit back and enjoy the ride for the rest of the summer.
More info on the shoes project right here.


flossy-p said...

LOVE you boot! What a wonderful, fun, whimsical idea!

Susan Schwake said...

thanks so much flossy! it was a fun project and whew, so glad it's launched.

Unknown said...