June 16, 2009

enjoying the peonies

enjoying the peonies, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers... that is what kind of day today was. Playing in clay, smelling the flowers and being so very glad we are here on the planet. Sometimes it takes someone a little younger to remind you to do this. Lucky me, I have a dreamer in house to remind me to. Her name is Chloe and she just turned 15. Happy birthday dear one.


Ascender Rises Above said...

very sweet! I have been noticing those peonies much more this year. Happy Birthday to Chloe ~!~

Camilla said...

HI Susan,

Just wanted to let you know that I picked one of your pieces to go with the Etsy article about me being an old-timer. It's over here:


flossy-p said...

Oh your beautiful peonies are back! Lucky you!!!!

flossy-p said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Chloe!

Susan Schwake said...

thanks all! chloe had a great day which stretched into almost a week! heh. the peonies are getting drowned in the heavy rains. glad we had fun with them at their first bloom!