May 29, 2009

Adapt :: red peppers

red peppers, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

More from my work on the ON magazine illustrations.... Today when I got the Illustration Friday prompt  of Adapt - I thought of these New Mexico style hanging chili peppers!

They grow singularly, but are displayed together and must adapt to that closeness. HA!

What a twist. Either way, it was a fun project to do and reminded me of my time spent in New Mexico. I love it there. It is completely the opposite of New Hampshire with the lovely wide horizons and beautiful colors in the earth and sky. Taos was my favorite. I bought a huge chili wreath to bring back to NH and made it my "carry on" luggage. It was pretty funny but oh so worth it in the end when I had the most delicious peppers to cook from for a year.
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