February 12, 2009

Sam and the Firefly

Reminiscing. Over at Drawn! I found a link to an old post which deconstructed one of my favorite books of childhood. My copy still sits in a place of honor in the bookcase, waiting for small children to stop by and have me read it to them. I will now of course look at it with new eyes again after reading this.
It still has the same appealing twilight/night illustrations which always felt a little spooky to me, being totally afraid of the dark at the time. The loving friendship of Sam however prevailed in my mind and I always felt it was a warm friendship sort of tale. Unlike the dreaded Dr. Suess tale of "the green pants with nobody inside them"...


red-handed said...

I used to be afraid of the star-map pages of our oversized atlas. No kidding. I couldn't even up the pages.

ps -- Have you seen a cigar-tin story you liked yet?

Mary said...

Sam and the Firefly was one of my favorites of that type of book when I was a kid. I think How Fletcher was Hatched was up there on top of the list. There are a few books I find myself wanting to make sure kids have read - this is one.