October 22, 2008

The beauty of Elsita

Inner Thread photo by Elsita
Found through Whip up checked out her etsy shop and fell in love INSTANTLY! Visit her new blog to find out more about the art of paper cutting. Her new blog "all about Paper cutting" is a wonderful resource for everything paper and papercutting. The piece Inner Thread is completely and utterly beautiful - and personal. I am so thrilled to have found her. Go visit!
See her amazing paper sculptures here.

detail of Inner Thread by Elsita


Anonymous said...

oh my stars! how much precision and concentration it must require to make such beautiful things. it's gorgeous ... another great find.

kelly barton art + design said...

how unique.
i can't imagine having the eyes
to cut in this way.

i love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty! The patience she must have...!

angela said...

oh susan... this is beautiful. the way she's reaching, gracefully and playfully doing a dance to catch, but not forcefully... with an ease that's so undemanding.

how wonderful...