June 17, 2008

Peony and Parsley

peony and parsley, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Today the white/pink/peach dandies opened up fully and well, my parsley shot through the bolt with some pretty leggy stalks. These two had to pair up for a seat at the table for dinner tonight. Our bare bones walls in the background are almost ready for paint and the wall papered wall (yes, I am going to do one focal wall in a pattern) ...
This pair really spruced up the sub-floor, the 15 year old lace table cloth from Mexico and the repainted (old silver over sage over who remembers what?) side of the road find chairs which adorn our torn to bits kitchen.
Yes, peonies have a way of making the dreariest of renovations seem miles away. And what do you think of that parsley? It's still a garnish, but a bit elevated, don't you think?
I like this evening light, the mix and well, life on a Tuesday... hoping this finds you in an equally satisfied mood!


Tracey said...

Fresh flowers of any sort lighten up a mood and make me smile!

Unknown said...

I really think Peonies are my absolute favorite!

flossy-p said...

I'm obsessed with my parsley at the moment, cutting it through all sorts of food. My favourite of late was when Mr You's Dad gave us a couple of fresh mud-crabs he caught. I cooked them up and stirred it through some fresh pasta. Just olive oil, a bit of garlic, about a teaspoon of white sauce, and then stirred HEAPS of fresh parsley through just before I served it up. It was delicious! And tested so fresh thanks to the parsley. I've promoted it from a garnish to an essential ingredient ;)

p.s. I know I keep saying this but your peonies are something else.