June 16, 2008

Felt handiwork

Daughter Chloe turned 14 this past weekend and she really wanted a new digital camera. We found just the right one for her and just as soon as she opened it and snapped a few shots, she wanted to go down to the home studio and make a felt case for it. She hasn't sewn with a machine that much, but has a new found interest as she has declared she will study fashion design. She used the little Janome Mini and wanted to "draw" like Danny Mansmith on the flap. This is what she came up with and we all think it is adorable.


Anonymous said...

I love your bird artwork!
Denise Hull,Ma.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course you had what they wanted! Who wouldn't want one of your banners to pretty up their building? That one looks fantastic - I like the colors in it. I love seeing so much of your bird art blown up like that.