June 27, 2008

Big Install ... part one

Here are four big cathead portraits from Bruce Andrew McKay in an installation at our local hospital.

*side note: Bruce made an incredibly cool commercial for Ford of Canada - check it out here *
We sold these works to our local hospital for their new 88,000 square foot addition (wing is really too small of a word for this four story improvement) . These hang in the children and womens' waiting room.
I took some quickie snapshots at the invocation this morning, but I plan on going back later this month to give a much better documentation of the large body of work which is there - I just didn't have the time to get proper shots today with the groups of people there.
Here's to a grand weekend for everyone - enjoy the delights of summer!


BAM said...

I always thought they looked best as a group. And thanks Susan for linking to my latest commercial (yes, I can do something other than cats).


Anonymous said...

love the installation!!!!!!! very nice!


flossy-p said...

This is such a great development! Not only is it an excellent way to show art to more people, it will also hopefully help to cheer them up when they most need it. Take their minds of things whilst they wait.

It looks fantastic!