February 07, 2008

Annika Svensson

Photo bottom: Claes G. Svantesson, top:Per Björn
Oh the weather continues to rage here.In our home we are renovating at the moment, my thoughts have been turning to woodstoves. I was always against them when I had one before, being dirty, sooty and dusty, but now with the real cold upon us they return to the forefront of my thoughts. Our first floor is quite open and in our entry/breezeway one little Vermont Castings or Jotul woodstove would fit quite nicely. Less efficiently, but much more beautiful would be one of these numbers from Annika Svensson - found via the beautiful blog by Bibbi. She was posting about Stockholm's furniture fair and this post dragged me right in. Thanks Bibbi for warming me up! Oh this rain (ice,snow) it will continue ...

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Bibbi said...

You have a real winter! Here it smells of spring. And you make me warm with your kind words. Yes, Annika´s stoves are beautiful, they look warm even if no fire inside. And I think they are quite efficient, the inside is full of pipes going back and forth before the smoke goes out. Stay warm :)