November 28, 2007


The lovely Cally and Gretchen have tagged me to explain five oddities about moi.
Well, that is simple. SO many to choose from!
First I will explain the photo above. It's a tag. heh.
I have been making holiday tags for my personal HANDMADE gifts and perhaps a few to sell in December at the shop. Let me know if you are interested. They are shiny on the front and the back has room for writing that special note with a pencil or sharpie.
1. I love to stay up late, but also enjoy the early hours of the morning to create and to work.
2. Hence, I love naps.
3. I do not like to shop. at. all. for. anything. ever.
4. I would prefer to have dinner at home cooked by my husband than at 99.9% restaurants. (Pepperland, excluded)
5. I am hair phobic. Let's just say that I don't have a clue which way to turn any kind of curling or straightening iron. I leave it up to my 13 yr. old when things get tough. Perhaps I am just having a bad hair YEAR.
Well, that is more than enough. As it is the holidays I won't spring eternal on tagging others, but would ask you all to leave a comment with one oddity of your own below, if you feel the urge.


heather smith jones said...

I don't know about you, but dinner fixed by my husband is a rare treat.
my oddity? hmmm, coathangers make me cranky {when they get all tangled}.

Anna Dykema said...

Thanks again for featuring us in your blog, Susan!

Oddity... Today I realized I've had the same fuzzy slippers for ten years. My poor husband has been poking fun at them for the past five years. I know I need to let them go (there are holes in the soles), but I can't bring myself to do it until I find another pair that I love just as much. Or more.

Anonymous said...

Me too to most of those on your list! (I'm not so good with staying up late anymore)

I like your tags!

felicakes said...

I love that tag.

My husband cooking for me is a rare treat too.

What makes me weird? I guess, at home when its time to go to bed, I must sleep first before M because I do not want to be the last one up and then feel extremely lonely. :*D

Susan Schwake said...

oh love these comments! thank you...
i wasn't clear about my husband! he cooks constantly - we both love to - but he makes everything absolutely beautiful. even breakfast. he won me over by asking how i wanted my eggs one morning, so i said flambe. well, he got out the calvados and did it.
needless to say, i married him as soon as possible after that.

One Crabapple said...

ewww I hate to shop too !
Definitely having a bad hair year ! I hear you !

Odd ? Meee?

nuthin here.

But thanks for not tagging me.


One Crabapple said...

okay wait a minute. I am up for shopping for a new pair of slippers for Anna Dykema though. Want to come with ?

Ten YEARS ??????? seriously ?

Anna Dykema said...

Okay. I have to leave this comment, just to clear the record. I have a NEW pair of slippers. The old ones are gone. I know 10 years is a long time. But I did wash them. Anyway, they're gone. I have a new pair that I'm in love with now. I'll try to let go before 10 years goes by!