November 01, 2007

Fast Five! from Sub Studio

I thought it would be fun to ask each of our artists participating in the next exhibit a few quick questions: mini interview style. Over the next few days I will post them. To see more photos of the exhibit pop over to our flickr
Fast Five:
1. Your name and your business title if you have another name for your work
Sub-Studio is Anna Corpron and Sean Auyeung.

2. What art do you find really exciting right now?
We are currently inspired by ancient art styles: hieroglyphics,
totem art, botanical illustrations, anatomical drawings, illuminated manuscripts.

3. What sort of day is a good art day for you?
A good art day is being inspired and taking pleasure in the process of making.

4. Do you like working out of your normal medium? if so what do you
play with?
We like to experiment with other media in order to have a mix of hand and vector illustration.

5. What are you listening to at the moment.
We're at this moment listening to Kanye West - Graduation. We 're also loving Regina Spektor, and older favorites Death Cab for Cutie, the Shins and the Go! Team.

Thanks to Anna and Sean - come meet them tomorrow night at artstream!


heather smith jones said...

I agree- a good day is "taking pleasure in the process of making."

Anonymous said...

Best of luck (and fun) at the exhibit. I just checked out your Flickr set and everything is lovely, simply lovely.

Anonymous said...

Owh they are a cute couple.