October 09, 2007

Senf again...

After a few inquring emails, I realized I had to show the bottom of these lovely glasses. Call me obsessive, silly or plain old boring, but as much as I love my fine glassware, I adore these little gems.
Note the photo is of our tablewares in bookcases. Yes, whilst my in-laws are here, we are mid stride in a MAJOR kitchen renovation. (think walls torn out no floor no cabinets and new electrics being installed by DH) Call me crazy, but it has to be done. Photos upon completion - for sure. We are so inspired by the lovely photos and posts over at design sponge - of homes we have seen and having purchased a home three short years ago, room by room we have been working hard to make our "cape cod on the outside home" into a "modern on the inside" home. Thanks Grace for all the inspiration!
It's slow going, although with the kitchen, I have insisted that it be finished by Thanksgiving.

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heather smith jones said...

I really like this picture of your china and mustard glasses, it sparkles!