August 16, 2007

Summer Splendor II

MuchachaK's coin purses - 16.50 and Pink Bathtub card

MuchachaK's coin purse and Boiled Art card

MuchachaK's cosmetic bag and pinkbathtub card

Andrea Pratt's Fish series in acrylic

Megan Bogonovich's Colonial Subdivision

Steve Bowersock Wysteria in watercolor

Steve Bowersock Pears in oil

Judith Totman's pastels of France
More shots from the gallery... including a little daughter peeking through the sculptures...


Toni said...

Everything looks wonderful!
I'm so glad Andrea's pieces made it there from Erie ok. It is great to see them.

susanna said...

To be surrounded by such a variety of beautiful artwork every day... Sigh! :)

feli said...

I love the coin purses.

belinda said...

oh my, beautiful surroundings! love muchachaK's!!!

Prolix fromla Normandie said...


gorgeous pics!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

angela said...


summer splendor looks... just like such! splendor. beautiful, beautiful splendor.

did i miss your birthday? as i just looked at the date of this post, the first thought that came to mind is... birthday. susan's birthday. sweetie. when is it. or please, don't tell me it already was? i swear, there is no more awful person with birthdays, than me.

alright. being i missed the email regarding our phone fest... when are we going to get ourselves together??!!??

we need a date. and we're both going to make ourselves a pot of coffee... or open a bottle of wine.

i miss you. i really really miss you.



Michelle said...

I really love MuchachaK's work. The fabrics she uses are absolutely gorgeous!

BTW, love your blog! I check it every day :)

muchachaK said...

Those cards are really neat, I love them :)

-Katy "muchacha K "

muchachaK said...

Oh! And thank you for the kind comments!