August 02, 2007

Biz ladies meet ups

If you haven't seen this already - please note that the lovely Grace from design*sponge is taking The Biz lady nights on the road this year. Nationally even. She wants to know via her one question, online survey if you would like one in a town near you? For all of you designing ladies out there this is a wonderful resource to take advantage of. Networking with others in the business, learning how to start a business of your own or wondering how to get your work out there?
Of course - you know I have voted for Portland, Maine (so close up the road from us) and Boston, MA (just down the road a bit) . Please do the same and let's get this wonderful happening right here for us - in our own backyard!
Thanks to Grace for her vision, support and team effort as always!
From her blog:
one of my biggest goals for d*s is to help women in design connect with each other to form support groups, collaborate on projects and share resources. today i'm excited to kick off a project i've been wanting to start for a while now. starting this fall i'm going to take the d*s biz lady nights national. the goal is to travel to five major cities this fall, winter and spring and host a meet up for local women running design-based businesses. along the vein of the brooklyn meet-ups i'll be organizing the location, speakers/experts and as many local resources and tutorials as i can.

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Abigail said...

I'm thrilled to see she's doing this!

I just put in a vote for Portland, Maine :-)