July 30, 2007

Day at the Beach

angular woman in ugly suit

round woman in bathingdress

dude with a "tude" under purple/pink umbrella

Yesterday we did the unthinkable. Spent the day at the beach. Which was great because there were so many free models just lying there. Filled up a couple of sketchbooks with some terrible drawings. Here are my favorites... but remember, they are just scribbles...

The word for the day is ... nature ... as in get in touch, back to and true nature.


leah said...

*love* the dude with tude! :-)

feli said...

I love the round woman in bathingdress. :*)

susanna said...

I spent a day at the beach this past weekend, too! You're right, there are many free models just lying around there. I had a study in nudes at my beach - hee! I especially like your round woman in a bathingdress.