May 03, 2007

Thinking about Thursday

albina mcphail's tiny gems and alyssa ettinger's knitware porcelain.
When I was a child I always dreaded Thursdays. For the life of me, I can't now excatly remember why... but I am pretty sure it had something to do with extra Math on Thursdays and no art and perhaps private violin lessons too. I loved Wednesdays because we had art (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays) and orchestra (I loved playing with others because it made me sound like I was actually hitting some of the notes, rather than when I was playing alone!)
This Thursday has been a whirlwind. Moving and setting up the entire gallery space has been quite a challenge this go around. Guess it is spring cleaning or the fever to reinvent ourselves here at artstream - one. more. time. But I love it.
our new card racks which adam created for us. papercrane project crane between
sub-studios card and egg press!

Sure, it's a little out of control at the moment, with new fixtures and this cool new card system that I am loving (no room for ALL the cards so a sale is going on with them at the shop) but the smaller works are still all over the place and pottery and sculptures are still looking for a home. They will find it by morning, I can't rest until this is all done. The walls however look spectacular! Visit the flickr on my sidebar if you want a first glance. The shot above just shows a bit of one of the two front windows featuring Albina McPhail's paintings and Alyssa Ettinger's lovely knitty porcelain espresso cups! She was featured in Daily Candy today which just wonderful. Her work is stunning and we are so thrilled to carry it.
Off to move and ponder a bit more. See that mess behind the forsythia? Yup. It's gotta go.


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Anna said...

hey! that's us! :) cute crane...