May 25, 2007

Portrait Party

darryl in watercolor 8x8 inches
Rama Hughes, an illustrator (who is just fabulous), started a blog called Portrait Party. I thought intriguing! Based on a tradition in his family, people get together and draw each other and share the drawings.
We do love our drawing here at home and of course we do it rather daily at our work. I thought why not?!
So Darryl and I swapped photos and tried our hands at it. At the same time, I had some of my children art students try it too. Next week my advanced adult painting class is trying it.

Here are my drawings of Darryl, (I did two, one in watercolor and one in mixed media) He did two of me too and posted them here.

I showed you my one eyed Rainer I painted a few years ago ... and of course I have a painting he did of me a couple of years ago. I just have to scan it and show it here later. We draw a lot together and the girls often join us or on their own take turns drawing each other. It's fun and a good way to spend time together.
Heading out for a relaxing weekend filled with gardening and family. I hope you all enjoy yours!

The word for the day is obvious -- DRAW! (just do it)


Anonymous said...

i love rama's idea for this group and you just reminded me that i had accepted the invite to play along! ( many fun things to do, so little time...) beautiful portraits susan. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a terrific idea!