April 17, 2007

Sushi Bench

This bench just speaks to my minimilistic side. I adore clean crisp furniture and this takes the cake. Orignially seen at pan-dan's blog. She's got a lot of nice things from the preview of the Milan show. Hop on over for a few more goodies.
The sushi bench would fit very nicely into my home. I could see a felted California roll slice to adorn it with. Belinda? Beatte? what do you think?


Cally said...

Finally catching up, you are on my list of people I dare not visit when I have work to be done because you always send me of on a rinky linky dink journey of amazing artists and visuals that give me every reason to procrastinate about the real work I need to do (some of it very very very dull).

But today I WILL resist, I will take all the pleasures to be had from your own posts (love your journal swap pic especially) and let my eyes and soul be satisfied and not greedy for more.

I wonder if I can ever feel full with beautiful imagery? I get sore eyes from being on the computer, or scanning the beach for finds, or gazing in galleries with spotlights, but that is not the same as felling like I've had enough.

I have a similar problem with food, if it's in the house. SO I make sure, mostly, that it doesn't get in the house except in small quantities.

Did I say your emails recently really got me feeling very in touch with my old work and wanting to resurrect and move further into some of it. It's always there in my mind, but I have the most spring-like urge to bring some into reality...except where to make it? Where to keep it?

Fingers crossed I will have the health, help and money to get enouhg bits of home fixed this summer and then winter can be about making!

Sorry, this should have been in an email, but that would begin a whole host of other excuses to distract.

Hope spring is upon you? You really deserve some warm sunshine. We've had some great days but it's meant to get wintery again tomorrow. xox

Anonymous said...

What a whimsical idea!