January 24, 2007

Pretty Darn Swell

prettydarnswell is an online gallery doing charitable works with artists.
They take submissions from artists to create high quality prints to sell. The selection is fabulous. Many neat things to buy! And AFFORDABLE. And the best part - a portion goes to the artist's charity of choice.
Mine is up today for a month. $5 of the sales of my print "winter" go to The Mayhew Program. I worked for the Mayhew program in the late 70's and believe in it's mission and have seen the results. Wont' you consider clicking over and taking a peek?
It's an affordable gift for yourself or a friend and it helps out a program which is most deserving.


andrea said...

Congratulations! -- and what's the Mayhew Program?

feli said...

I am with andrea... what is the Mayhew Program? That painting is soooo CUTE

susan said...

thanks ladies!
mayhew.org tells about the program.
it is a REALLY old website, but it is one great program. i worked there as a cook back in the 70s (yes, i was in college) and then again in the late 90s.
it has made a huge difference in many boy's lives over the past 30+ years.
thanks for asking!

matthew feyld said...

hey susan, theprint that just went up on pretty darn swell is just amazing.
the good people at juxtapoz linked us up on the website.
i hope you are well.



susan said...

ohmy stars. thanks matt - i am thrilled! juxtapoz. wow!

susanna said...

What a sweet image, Susan! And what a great idea prettydarnswell has come up with. I'm going to look into the how's and then hopefully submit an image to them. Thanks for letting us readers know about it.

Anonymous said...

I love this piece !

susanna said...

Hey Susan, look what I found while perusing the web... http://www.purlsoho.com/purl/products/fabricdetail/2744

Cool, huh? It reminded me of your painting!