January 29, 2007

Adolie Day

photos from Adolie Day
Adolie has sent over a few emails and photos for the past month and I almost forgot to put up her work here. The Lovely Hearts has kept me rockin, so I am so sorry Adolie!
Her work is fun and girlie (my two daughters LOVED it!) and graphically pleasing with unexpected color choices. Adolie is working as a textile designer for Kenzo, among others and is exhibiting on February 1st in Paris at the"Librairy des 3 Hiboux" au "BON MARCHé-PARIS".
She has a sweet little blog -- en Francais -- at Adolie Day. Go check it out, her work is fun and fanciful!
Bonne Chance Adolie!


MBKKR said...

I checked out her blog and i think she makes very nice graphical paintings with a good color feel.
Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Owhhh I love her paintings. I have always wanted to draw like that. :*)