October 02, 2006

Must go see

Ashely G. her hello October print which I purchased straight away last evening... I love this! I think it would be nice in a quilt too. Which I am all fired up about - quilting that is -- since the wonderful Jan at Be*mused sent me a delightful book on Janet Bolton. How thoughtful and wonderful is she? Completely.
Oh yes! and we are impatiently waiting, waiting to see the new design*sponge shop! Good stuff for a Monday...
the word for the day is ... listen ... to your heart, to your conscious and your loved ones.


Madeleine said...

this print is gorgeous.
i think i would snap it up too.

it would be a beautiful quilt, but personally wouldn't know where to start!! any volunteeers?

'listen' is a good word for the day, Susan.
today i am listening to my heart, (and to my kids arguing with one another!!)

lots of love

Pat said...

How lovely and quiet. A wonderful piece and I can see it would be difficult to resist. Pat

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What a perfect word 'listen' for this day...today is the feast of the guardian angels...

Unknown said...

Beautiful print Susan.
How lucky you are.

Anonymous said...

I would have bought this print myself...colours are fantastic there are some of my childhood memories associated with it.
Thanks for Ashley's link.