October 25, 2006

Fire Orb

fireorb in a home setting - photograph from Fire Orb
This time of year in my neighborhood, you start seeing dumptrucks pull into people's gardens dumping multiple "cord" of firewood for winter's heating needs. Yes, the winters are chilly here, but with a Fire Orb, I think I could get rather interested in some firewood myself! From Prospect Heights, Illinois - designer Doug Garafalo has created the single most beautiful fireplace I have ever seen. Even the process of making it has been captured in beautiful photographic sequence. Pricey - yet - if you ask me, worth every penny. Who needs a "box" when you could have a beautiful orb warming your space? And at only 40 inches across, you can put it in YOUR space, no matter how small and it simply hangs from the ceiling. Originally seen at Pan-Dan at blogspot... seems she is moving to Switzerland and wants one too!


arvindh said...

This is indeed beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These Fire Orbs are amazing ! :)

andrea said...

It looks like something you'd see at The Jetson's wilderness cabin! :)

susan said...

totally andrea! the jetsons are my all time favorite model family. love the toaster bed and rosie the robot maid.
but honestly, i don't like wood burning due to the soot, but i would consider this baby due to the absolutely amazing good looks. and now, the "Jetson" appeal!