September 29, 2006

Bank Job ... no not that kind!

notice the Davis Studios work just above^
Ron Fountain Wall Sculptures below

notice the artwork above? Its from two fabulous teachers from the Art Dept. at Spaulding and bonus! they teach at artstream too! Jennifer Daly and Abra Andrews!

One of the jobs we just finished this September at artstream was designing a bank interior for Holy Rosary Credit Union. The interesting twist was that it is in the local High school which was being used as a small engine repair shop for the past 20 years. So imagine a large garage style cinderblock room with old cars, engines and a lot of tools in it. Pretty barren of anything but space.
This is what DH came up with ... the bank is thrilled with the bold colors and design of it and the students love it too. This branch is a teaching branch - being in the high school, so it had to have classroom space as well as customer needs/office space. These photos were taken just before it opened, with a couple of Ron Fountain's metal sculptures they purchased on the wall. Student artwork will be hung on the entry walls in a rotating collection.
We are thrilled to have worked with them and having them support original artwork included in their budget by some of our artists: Ron Fountain sculptures, Mary Ann Davis porcelain, John Zentner pottery, Tom Glover's paintings, my own paintings, Andrea Pratt's paintings, Phil Styles photographs and Judith Heller Cassell's woodcut prints included in their three branches. Original artwork ... in a bank. Nice!


Funky Finds said...

wow! what an awesome project. nice work!

susanna said...

Very, very cool project, Susan!

Mad said...

hey cool! my stuff in a bank!

Fountain's Pen said...

Never thought that I wpuld be hung in a bank...perhaps shot in one. Ron