September 13, 2006

Art Class

student artist stil life with pussywillows and window 28 by 30 inches
Just to give you a peek into some budding artists work which has been made at the studio this week. We worked from still life on large red paper with ink and sumi brushes, adding oil pastels later. Why red paper you ask? Two reasons: it was on sale for an incredible deal and it is a great challenge to start with a colored ground. Each work the children made were all keepers. Can't wait to see what the Thursday classes come up with. I love any art adventure which does not involve erasers.
Want to do some art with your children or an inner child? Go to Whipup. I posted a piece on handmade paper. (go on, you know you want to try it....)

The word for the day is ... bold ... as in knowing how to make your OWN mark in the world, daring and brave, and that just so color which sets it all aflame.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful work!!!!! I like the red!!

Funky Finds said...

fabulous work!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is wonderful Susan, you are such an inspiration on so many levels. The children are very lucky to have you!!!

claudine hellmuth said...

wow! I love that artwork! very Matisse! Makes me want to experiment with working directly on a colored background.

Anonymous said...

Your student did a great job! Look at that movement coming through the window! And the bright white of the leaves - or are they pussywillows? I like how she's painted beyond the borders of the paper.