May 07, 2006

Weekend Travel Log

This was a full week of art and fun and games with my family and friends ... one photo says a thousand words so here are a bunch of photos to illustrate a million words the past days:
First, an artists gathering (with family) at Ms. McKeen's new home for a very festive Cinco de Mayo. The men were hanging out elsewhere, whilst the women created homemade tortillas in the wee kitchen. Luckily Judith and Mary Ellen had a good grip on the Sangria and a recipe for tortillas from the absent Anna of Mexico. Who we can't wait to meet.

Yesterday I had to take daughter Grace to the Mill in Rollinsford for her ballet rehearsal. I was going to stop in and see an artist at the Upper Mill while I was waiting ... But he wasn't there. So instead I visited with some other friends who have studios there. They had an open studios event which they usually do twice a year. The one in the fall is very busy - packed with people. Yesterday was a little slow. I was able to visit three studios to see friend Josh Belanger who was sharing some of his space with Albina Colden. Josh's new work looks great and larger than life just as we like it. He is a very talented emerging artist who we believe in big time. Which is where he is headed - by the way... he just quit his day job. Albina's colored works were really lovely. Sorry for the absence of closeups ... I was in heavy chat mode. Then I ran into potter Sarah Burns from Sweet Fern Pottery. She was out with her friend Jess for the day without babies, so they were having a grand time!

Then it was off to my friend Cappy's studio to see what she has been working on and congratulate her for her awards and sales of the past two months. SHE'S SO CAPPY! Notice her lovely coordinated outfit ... the gold in the brass necklace goes with the gold in her Mickey Mouse's shoes screen printed shirt. (Yes, Cappy and I have the same dresser! )
Cappy Whelan is this areas most gifted all around artist in my book. There I said it. I mean it. Here she is with one of her works incorporating some horns from Kris Lanzer (who is holding the eggs on the dish above at the party) I can't wait to see how her new work evolves. She is working with metal. Last but not least I finally met Scott Schnepf. I have always tried to run into him here or there but somehow our paths didn't cross until yesterday. He is just as nice as everyone said he was and his work is impeccable. I had to buy one of his small etchings and had to limit it to one as I could have gone overboard and broke the bank. They are so charming and timeless. We are talking about an exhibition of his work, which will be exciting for artstream as well. I chose per usual: Chocolate. The perfect bonbon on a lovely lace tablecloth. YUM! So the word of the day is ... Intricate ... as in a lace tablecloth pattern, a many layered painting, or a web of friendships spanning the globe!


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Where do you get your energy? You amaze me with your commitment to living art and celebrating others creativity!!

Susan Schwake said...

dear corey, i get my energy from the above source: chocolate! lol!

Anonymous said...

Susan, Looks like it was so much fun ! :)Great pics !