April 25, 2006

Sarah Burns Sweet Fern Pottery

Here are some of our favorite little orbs from Sweet Fern Pottery. Sarah is an innovator in functional pottery adding sculptural interest in every piece. These orbs have been evolving and growing in size over the past year that we have carried them. They are containers as well as sculptures, so you can hide your favorite things inside! Small ones cost around $24 up to the larger pieces at $75. I have some more photos of her work over here.
We are hoping to have the online shop up late this week ... Sarah's work will be included there too!

The word for the day is ... orbit ... as in your travels through the day, the earth around the sun and your thoughts in your head!


andrea said...

These little "creatures" are wonderful. I would love to have one. One day I'll be able to buy all the little art treasures my heart desires...

andrea said...

These are very cool looking! Sigh like my twin, if only we were wealthy I would spend all our money on Art!

cutiepie said...

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