April 04, 2006

Back to Art: More Claudine Hellmuth

OK, I am still very excited about all the Claudine we have at artstream right now. Talk about getting in touch with your inner child, it has been like Christmas opening the packages! Particular note of interest, the color balance on this piece is so lovely that the water seems to flow off the canvas. More so of course in person, but I think you can get the picture here. Claudine is sending us 15 sketches in the post this week as well, so you really should stop by for a peek.


angela said...

susan... this is going to be so so so good in the gallery. and perfect for the upcoming event as well.

you must be thrilled. i can hardly wait until i see these in person myself!


Tessa and David Nelson said...

I have just scrolled through the entire page and really love the work that you are showing. You are quite inspirational.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

oh! La! La! Wonderful! And i hear you are going to be showing some pretty pottery too?!!
You have a lucky place, full of charm!

mcaplan said...

I have admired Claudine Hellmuths work for a loooong time! Her work is so fun and lively!
I have been keeping my eyes open for a wonderful Poppet for my wall!

Wish the gallery was closer!! I would love to check out the show for sure!