March 30, 2006

Claudine Hellmuth

mixed media on canvas

They arrived! Yesterday we got the package at artstream of Claudine's original collages. Let me tell you, the internet per usual with art work does nothing for the work, except show you an idea of it. The pieces are rich with color, texture, text and depth.
Claudine is an artist who is well known around the USA and abroad. She has published books on her art and has been guests of HGTV, Diva Craft Lounge, and craft lab, DYI just to name a few. All of her accomplishments aside, her work speaks to me with a certain whimsy, a touch of sadness and of course in most of her pieces, humor. Yes in this ultra serious world of art we can still have humor. Currently we have six of her original pieces in the gallery. I will post them at our site here in her own little gallery page, later today so you can see them all! When Claudine is through teaching at ArtFest out in the state of Washington, she will be sending us some sketches as well. We are thrilled to have her work in the gallery.

The word for the day is ... experiment ... with a new idea, three art media you didn't think would work together, or with a new way of looking at the world!


andrea said...

I love this! It is quirky and aesthetically sound and ... I'd love to see it in real life! People have told me that my work looks better in person than in jpeg but I've been trying to get the best images possible. One day I'll have that digital SLR...

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

lucky lucky you to have her art surround you everyday at your gallery! lucky lucky Claudine to have you admiring and presenting her art!

Cally said...

wow, never heard of her, or maybe I have, I'm bad with names, I'll check out the link and see if my memory is jogged.

Re.the Blythe thing, it was the book I bought for the (ex)friend, not the doll... thank goodness, I'd have been madder if it was the doll. At least I can always buy the book another time.

Worst thing is, I pretty much lost my job and my health sticking up for her when she got sacked, so there's just a teeny weeny tiny HUGE bit of bitterness behind all this... not that I'd ever let it seep out in blogland! Oops

Cally said...

Just looked at her site and I do know her wark after all, just not her name or the one you posted about. But I never saw her site before so it's great to have that link. Thanks