March 08, 2006

Anenome Lamps by Perhonen

It is another designer for Art Esprit today!
In the quest for all things beautiful and intriguing, (and thinking about our home and its furnishings), I stumbled over these two designers Anna-Katriina Tilli & Mari Relander. Their company name is Perhonen which means butterfly, and they work in Finland. Their Anemone table won the “best in furniture”category in the Elle Decoration UK Furniture Awards 2003. Their work is represented by a small design manufacturer called Selki-Station. I was fascinated by Selki-Station's renovation to their building (circa 1875) as we too at artstream renovated our design/gallery studios from an old building (circa 1902). Selki-Station houses some innovative designers and Anna-Katriina and Mari have some of the most functionally beautiful pieces I have ever seen. The lamp above and the table beside use an interesting twist of old and new forms ... lace and glass. I love this look for two reasons. It speaks to the romantic in me as well as the contemporary part of me. It will look fresh today and ten years from now - after all the trendy swirling trash of the rehashed '60s is gone. When I buy something for my home, I embrace it to become a part of my daily artistic inspiration, my family's memories and the fabric of our daily existence. These lamps would fit nicely in the eclectic mix of my home. How about yours?

The word for the day is ... illuminate ... like a beautiful lamp, an ancient manuscript and learning something wonderful which you didn't know before.

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