February 22, 2006

Felted items

from Belgium by Els.
This is a iPod Nano case. I don't own a Nano. I think I will have to get one now to own this lovely little felted case. I purchased a small makeup bag piece from Els at her etsy shop "from belgium with love" The craftmanship is amazing and the price was more than affordable and it came in four days from Belgium. The land of chocolate!
But now I want to buy a Nano ... You see where this is leading?

Els is a graphic designer who like all creative people can not work in just one medium. Her little etsy store is filled with bright delightful felted items and they come with a small surprise inside too! She dabbles in papergoods and tucks some in your purchases. Just go take a peek ... It's textile art.

You must see one other totally delightful piece here from Els. It could get you and your loved one(s) to eat the simple elegant boiled egg again! Breakfast time is party time.

Her business is entitled Eénig - I asked Els what the word meant, (no we don't speak Flemish here, nor very good Dutch ...) and this is what she told me:

Eénig is a name I made of two words "Eén" which means one and "enig" which means unique and also "very nice, beautiful". I want to say I make items that are unique, every item is different and I hope people find them beautiful -- Els

I do! I do! -- Susan

The word for the day is ... COZY! ... as in ... a pleasantly tight fit, a warm throw on your sofa, and something which keeps your tea and eggs the right temperature!

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BAM said...

Hi Susan,

I just wanted to let you know that you win the award for most profound comment left on my site this year. Thanks for the kind words about my work. I really appreciate it.
I just went through your blog - very interesting. Usually you know what kind of imagery will be there after the first few posts but yours is a wonderfully eclectic range of goodies. I'll stop by for a read when I have time to stay.
And I was just over visiting Artstream. Very impressive. What a great looking gallery space. Best of luck with all that good stuff and drop on by anytime you need a kittie fix.